This page is for the listeners who have e-mailed in and answered a question we had on the podcast or just things that catch our eye when we read the e-mails. If you want to be a part of this, you can e-mail in yourself with the answer to something we talked about on the podcast but never reached a satisfying conclusion. Keep e-mailing in your feedback on episodes and I'm sure you'll make it on here one day!

Episode 21: History of Memes

Dank meme

"Here's a dank meme for you guys." -Mike B.

Episode 19: Drunk Poop Man/Episode 14: Lockpicking

"The real question is did you really leave you door unlocked or was this guy a master lock picker?" -Michaela S.

Episode 12: Basketball

"The guy who started Netflix originally went to the CEO of Blockbuster to pitch the idea and get him on board thinking it would be a natural extension to what Blockbuster was already doing. He was pretty much immediately turned down, so he went off and started it up on his own, and you know how that has ended up for both parties." -Berent S.

Episode 11: County Fairs

Curved basketball hoop

"We have a small traveling fair come to my town every year and they have a basketball thing too. They actually bend the rims on them so the ball is way less likely to go in. It would have to be a perfect shot. The best part is that it is indistinguishable from looking at it straight on. You have to see from the side, and then you realize you are shooting into a hoop shaped like an ellipse. I have attached a picture as an example." -Henry H.

Episode 1: Pokemon Go

"The reason cemeteries have the spigots is so people can water their plants and flowers that they bring to the grave stones" -Henry H.

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Lovely fan art
Lovely fan art
Lovely fan art

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